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    Why does BAILII appeal for funds?

    Thank you for considering making a donation to BAILII. All donated funds are used by BAILII to maintain and extend its free-to-access databases of legal information for the benefit of all users.

    Donations enable BAILII to meet the costs of maintaining its website. These costs amount to approximately £180,000 per annum (excluding replacement of computer hardware and other items which are not incurred annually).

    Those who support BAILII's aims or make regular use of BAILII are encouraged to contribute.

    Some organisations and individuals support BAILII on a regular basis but many donations made to BAILII are one-off contributions. BAILII's income on the basis of existing offers of donations is not sufficient to meet BAILII's annual expenditure or fund its ambitious development plans; BAILII therefore continues to need further support.

    BAILII is hosted and supported by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, a legal research institute which is part of the School of Advanced Study at the University of London. As an extension of this relationship, the Trustees of BAILII have asked the University of London's Development Office to manage and administer BAILII's fundraising activities.

    You can donate to BAILII via BACS, online, or by cheque. Some of these routes incur fees; please see below for the various options, and to choose the method which is most appropriate for you.

    Follow this link for more detailed information regarding BAILII's donors. If you wish to discuss becoming a donor – particularly if you are interested in making a term commitment to BAILII (for example, over a 3-year period), or if you would like to donate £5,000 or more – please e-mail our Fundraising Officer, Yvette Rathbone, yvette.rathbone@london.ac.uk.

    Methods of donating

    •    BACS: donations for BAILII may be made directly to the bank account of the University of London's Development Office. All funds received for BAILII are transferred to BAILII in their entirety, and no fees are deducted. If you would like to use this method, please e-mail Yvette Rathbone to discuss your donation and receive the relevant bank details. If you are a UK taxpayer and would like to enhance the value of your donation via Gift Aid, we will be pleased to send you the relevant form.

    The University of London is an exempt charity – HMRC reference X422.

    •    Cheque: if you prefer to donate by cheque, please make it payable to 'University of London', writing 'BAILII' on the reverse or including a note to direct the funds to BAILII, and send it to:

    Yvette Rathbone (BAILII)
    Development Office
    University of London
    Senate House
    Malet Street
    WC1E 7HU

    •    Online:
    •    Charities Aid Foundation (CAF): CAF charges a fee of 5% on donations as well as on any Gift Aid reclaimed. We suggest, therefore, that donors only use CAF if they themselves already have a CAF account.

    •    Virgin Money Giving: Virgin Money Giving charges a 2% fee on donations, but does not deduct fees from any Gift Aid reclaimed. Virgin Money offers donors the option to cover this fee themselves, so that BAILII can benefit from the full value of your donation.

    If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please e-mail development@london.ac.uk

    The Trustees of BAILII are very grateful for your support and encouragement of their commitment to providing free access to the law for all.

    Sir Ross Cranston
    Chair, BAILII Board of Trustees

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