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Reproduction and Copyright

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  1. BAILII reserves the intellectual property rights pertaining to the BAILII website's graphic and navigation design. The intellectual property rights in the search tools used by BAILII belong to AustLII, whose rights are reserved.
  2. The copyright in the text of legislation and judgments displayed on BAILII's website may belong to courts, other government bodies, judges, and/or to commercial publishers. BAILII cannot authorize any copying of such material, and users of BAILII's website are referred to the copyright policy of the relevant copyright owners. BAILII endeavours to indicate the existence of third party copyright on the pages of databases and individual judgments, but users remain responsible for checking whether their use of the materials is authorized.
  3. In the case of United Kingdom judgments and legislation, BAILII's understanding is that Crown copyright protected material (other than the Royal Arms and departmental or agency logos) may be reproduced free of charge in any format or medium provided it is reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading context, and provided that where any of the Crown copyright items on this site are being republished or copied to others, the source of the material is identified and the copyright status acknowledged. The permission to reproduce Crown protected material does not cover copyright held by third parties such as commercial publishers. The copyright policy of some other relevant third parties may be accessed using the links here FAQ: Does it infringe copyright for a user to copy materials and to display them on the user's own website?.
  4. Copyright in the hypertext markup of judgments and all other presentational / value added aspects of judgments belongs to BAILII and the authors of the software tools used, whose rights are reserved.
  5. Subject to the rights of third parties (referred to in paragraph 2 above) and to the prohibited uses set out in paragraph 6 below, users may copy, print and distribute legal materials published on BAILII's website free of charge and without any other authorization from BAILII, provided that BAILII is identified as the source of the document.
  6. Prohibited Uses

  7. (a) incorporating search results or HTML versions of judgments into another website or into the output of a computer program not provided by BAILII itself (including apps or other programs used on a hand-held device or tablet computer);
    (b) storing search results or HTML versions of judgments
    (c) external indexing of documents by web robots or spiders when such use is not authorized by the instructions in the robots exclusion file at or in a META tag in the HTML code of a published document, in compliance with the Robots Exclusion Protocol;
    (d) abusive use of the BAILII website's resources and services via automated mechanisms or otherwise, in particular for bulk downloading of documents.
  8. BAILII reserves the right to block, at its discretion and without prior notice, any user from accessing its website if it believes that the user has misused the website or has used it for unlawful purposes. BAILII monitors the use of automated mechanisms to access its website, and its policy is to block entire domains which use such mechanisms without authorisation, until a proper explanation is provided.
  9. BAILII has no objection to links from other websites to material on BAILII's website, and encourages this practice. Further information is available here.

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